So Much Citrus!

Lemon Tree

yum yum yum… nothing beats a fresh mandarin!

I’ve been loving all the mandarins, oranges, lemons and limes that are around at the moment… to be honest I’ve probably had a bit of a citrus overload but at least i’m getting a good dose of vitamin c for winter

Make sure you keep trying to eat as much food that is local and in season as possible. It has better nutrition as it’s fresher, and it also tastes a whole load better than fruit that’s been sitting in a cool store for months or has been shipped half way around the world.

Try using the zest and juice of lemons and limes in you’re cooking to give winter food a real kick. Zest a lemon over some fresh fish before baking in baking paper with fresh herbs. Use the juice of the lemon in a hot winter drink or add a good squeeze to an Asian flavoured soup or stir-fry.

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