Start making sustainable lifestyle changes through real nutrition and exercise to help you achieve your goals



Initial consultation | 60 minutes | $100

An initial consultation involves an in-depth dietary, lifestyle and physical analysis. Working together we will develop a personalised plan tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

Initial consultation for two | 90 minutes | $140

We cover the same ground as a standard initial consultation but for two! Whether it is your partner, friend, mother, daughter it can be great to do it together for extra support, motivation and accountability. Having someone on the same page is great!

Follow-up consultation | 30 minutes | $50

Review progress and continue to learn and work towards achieving your goals.

5 Session package | 5x follow-up consultations | $200

Lock it in and save! Only $40 per session.


Other Services

Supermarket Tours | 60 minutes | $100

A trip around the supermarket is a great way to learn a lot fast! It is a great way to help you learn how to shop effectively, learning to save time in the supermarket and in the kitchen as well as saving money and only choosing products that are going to enhance your health. Learn how to read labels, avoid the nasties and plan a healthy week of meals.

Workplace, group and team talks | POA

Interactive and informative talks tailored specifically to the needs of the group. Whether it is learning new cooking skills and tricks for a group of young adults, best meals to eat pre/post training for sports teams or helping your team avoid the 3pm slump!


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