Harvest Time

I absolutely love this time of year! Sunny days, warm evenings, beautiful sunsets and loads of yummy fresh produce. So I popped along to my local Oratia Farmers Market in the weekend and it is just full of deliciousness, my highlight of the morning was the passion fruit man is back in action 😉

I have also been loving whipping out into to the garden to collect the fruits of my labour as well.


Red onions, bok choy, spring onions…

Juicy cherry tomatoes…

Nothing beats fresh outdoor, vine ripened tomatoes!

So I may have gone a little overboard with the red onions considering it’s just the two of us, however I do add them to lots of my cooking for a low energy flavour booster which is full of antioxidants and nutrients. Red onion, tomato, avocado, and mesclun  is one of my favourite simple salad combos at the moment which is very convenient since they are so cheap and yummy.


Just thought I’d pop this photo into to brag really, last time a few of my carrots came out a bit wonky and some were even forked which I later found out was from to much compost and fertiliser and too many lumpy bits in the soil. So this time my carrots are displayed proudly 🙂


So make the most of all the produce that is around at the moment because in a flash it will be winter and we will be back to 101 ways with cabbage.




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