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So, if you haven’t herd of or tried a green smoothie or juice yet then you really must! They are one of the most delicious and addictive ways you can cram some more greens into your day and that’s got to be a great thing.


Green smoothies are a great addition to your diet, packing in so many nutrients in one convenient little drink. Perfect for a busy weekday morning when you are dashing out the door or an afternoon snack. I personally prefer to drink smoothies over juices (with a few exceptions) as blends the whole food and therefore retains the fibre which is what helps keep you feeling full.


Greens such as spinach, silver-beet, kale, parsley, cos lettuce, rocket, mustard greens and more are low energy, nutrient powerhouses that have an alkalising effect on the blood. In the world of simple carbohydrates, meat overload and convenience foods it is super important to make sure you are eating enough fruit and vegetables in your diet to keep you healthy and keep the pH level of your blood in check.


Check out this awesome little chart of different greens and their nutrients.


So to get you started on the new green smoothie addition to your diet here are a few recipes. The first recipe is great for beginners as it has some strong flavoured fruits in it to help disguise the greens a bit. As you get used to the colour and the taste of the greens work your way up to a 70/30 ratio of greens to fruit. Make sure you play around and experiment with your green smoothies, they are pretty hard to stuff up and are a great way to finish of bits and bobs in the fridge.



A few little tips:

It doesn’t matter what kind of blender you have just get started! Even a handmixer/stickmixer will do the trick.

If your blender isn’t quite up to it add the greens with a little water first and blend, this seems to get it a bit smoother.

Chop up your ingredients, or even grate things like beetroot and carrot to make your blenders life a little easier.

Chop bananas in quarters to freeze. The small pieces are easier on your blender and this way you know 4 pieces = 1 banana.

When you get home from the F&V shop chop and freeze things like pineapple so it’s ready to go and there’s no mucking around in the mornings

A bag of frozen berries in the freezer is super handy.


Added extras for your smoothies…

There is a whole world of powders and supplements you can add to your smoothies to supercharge them. Goji berry powder, Maca root, bee pollen… It can actually be a little overwhelming and daunting trying to decide which ones you should be using. That’s when I discovered the world of green powders & super greens etc w

dness.hich seemed to tick all the boxes. The first one I tried was horrible and it’s still sitting half used in my freezer, the flavour was very overwhelming even when I tried to disguise it in smoothies. I have now found one I love and can even drink straight on its own on days when I just don’t have time for a green smoothie or I feel like I need an extra dose of greens.

It’s called Good Green Stuff and it really is great! made with natural and wholefood ingredients it’s full of antioxidants, pro-biotics and helps support the acid-alkaline balance.




Green smoothies for beginners

– 1/2 c blueberries, frozen

– 1 small banana

– 1 c spinach, chopped

– 1c cos lettuce, chopped

– water to desired consistency

Green smoothie

– 1 apple

– 2 kale leaves

– 5cm of cucumber

– 2 sticks celery

– 1/2 lemon, peeled

– 1c spinach

– water to desired consistency

Just simple throw ingredients into the blender and blend. Couldn’t really be any simpler! 



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Have an awesome week,





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