A Quick Little Garden Update…

Hey everyone,


Happy New Year and I hope you all had a great holiday, what amazing weather we’ve been having!

So I got home from a few weeks away in the Coromandel only to find my veggie patch had gone crazy. Maybe it had something to do with the 15 or so tomato plants I popped in the ground late last year….

These are a few pics from my phone of some of the action that had been happening while I was away. Yip I’m the crazy lady walking around the garden, with 4 little chickens in tow, taking photos of plants…. We wont talk about me wandering down to the beach with my wheel barrow to collect seaweed later that afternoon 😉


Gorgeous yellow courgettes, and lots of them!

A tiny baby eggplant on its way!

Gutted I missed the artichoke but what pretty flowers! And great for the bee’s

Loads of figs on this tiny little tree, starting to ripen up quite nicely.

One lonely little necterine 🙁 The trees are still very young so we picked off most of their fruit to allow the roots to develop.


So that’s a little update on what has been keeping me pretty busy last year, nice to see the fruits of our labour finally starting to arrive (hehe).

Back to the garden for me now,



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