I Love Sprouts!

So if you follow me on facebook or instagram you may have already noticed my love for sprouts.


I’ve had a long love affair with sprouts, I remember sitting down after school with a bag of those little crunchy round ones (peas) you’d get in the sandwich packs and munching the whole bag mmmm 🙂


I love the fact that you can grow these little nutrition powerhouses all year round and that you don’t even need a garden! Simply grab a jar and you’re away laughing. Sprouts are a great addition to any diet, low calorie, high nutrient and super easy to grow. Once a seed has sprouted it is a living thing with more protein, vitamins ready and waiting for you.


They’re great in winter when the variety of veggies is pretty slim (and pricey) and there uses are endless, Stir-fries, sammies, smoothies, salads, dips, hummus or straight from the jar 😉


You can get a huge variety of sprouts and the Kings seeds starter kit or the Wright Sprouts website is a great place to start so you can sample a few and get the hang of it.


Sprouting Seeds….

1) Pop about 1-2 tablespoons of seed into a jar with a mesh lid and give them a gentle rinse.

2) Fill the jar about halfway and leave the seeds to soak for a bit. Small seeds 10-30mins bigger seeds like chickpeas and peas let soak overnight. 

3) Drain them and leave them in a cool darkish (out of direct sunlight) place.

4) Give them a gentle rinse morning and night being careful not to break of and of the delicate little sprouty bits. 

5) Sprouts are ready when the sprouty bit (technical term) is about 1-2x the length of the seed.

6) Pop the jar in the light (but still out of direct sunlight) for a day to increase the chlorophyll (and nutrition)  in the sprout 

6) Lay out on a paper towel to dry a little bit and then store the sprouts in the fridge for about 7-10 days. 



Now go out and grab yourself a jar and some seeds!

Happy sprouting 🙂




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